In 2019 we experienced things that small businesses typically go through before experiencing real scalable growth; 

The realization that what we’ve done to get to where we are today no longer works for where we’re about to go. 

This was easy to identify as we began experiencing difficulties with end results on systems that, historically, produced “success”. When this happened once, we thought, okay; shame on me. But once we began seeing consistent patterns of misfortune and shortcomings, we began to seek counsel.

It was during our time spent with Lakendria Robinson, the Tampa Chamber of Commerce and all of their various resources, along with and our big brother, The Beck Group, that we began developing a whole new mindset which birthed completely new and different responses to the items we continued to face during our day to day operations. However, these new responses began producing different results. Results we have never seen before. In fact, we can even take it a step further and say results that began developing proprietary products and systems all built in house by our very own team members. It’s amazing what things can be accomplished through the willing hearts of the right people. 

These items include; Embedding our Vision, Mission and Core Values within our operations making everything we do streamline, uniformed and most importantly; consistent. We have also developed and deployed automated workflows that were designed with the sole purpose of being efficient, trackable and extremely accurate; from our pre-con all the way to close out. In conjunction with these new work systems, we’ve developed real-time tracking tools which enable us to track all cost and materials as it pertains to all of our projects. 

These sophisticated custom tools automatically scrape specific information triggered by specific keywords, programmed by us, throughout all of our various data sets. The automation allows us to track every unit in real-time as it’s being installed. This level of real-time insight allows us to understand exactly where we are in the project in terms of, contracted unit cost and labor versus actual unit cost and labor, while these items are being installed. 

The mindset we had going into 2019 was the thing that produced everything you see today. However, what 2019 did to that mindset, is it produced a level of strength, stability, wisdom, and insight that can only be obtained by overcoming. 

2020 will be our year of Greater Works! 

Envision 20|20