One Step Closer to a More Diverse Workforce

The Mentorship Minority Protege Program is coming to a close for another session, and we are well pleased to see the transformation that has gone forth within each of the companies involved. In our last class of the session, we reviewed Subcontract Agreements, Insurance, Pay Requests, Holds, and ODP. Each of the classes included in the program had been prepared for the companies involved to learn how to conduct quality business with the group at Beck | Envision. We’ve even had the opportunity to begin to engage with some of our mentee businesses on upcoming projects. 

Working with each of the businesses involved within our community in the Mentorship Protege program has given us the opportunity to continue to build something real with real people who have a real passion for business. And now, as we continue to make strides to close the gap between diversity inclusion and our community, we are extremely proud of the progress that has gone forth throughout our Mentorship Protege program and through the businesses involved.