Class One

Who Are You/Who Do You Want To Be

Instructed by: Brad Phillips, CEO, Beck International

On February 22nd, something very special happened at the Beck Atlanta office. Though it was the very first day of class for our mentorship protégé program, Brad Phillips started the group off with an exercise that completely shifted the dynamics of the first class.

In the marketplace, we understand that the impact of B2B transactions are largely attributed to the value of the relationships that reside within those organizations. We also understand that true relationships are formed based upon trust, and in order for that trust to be established, transparency must take place to reveal the root of an individual for a true interest to take place.

Well, that is exactly what took place during Class One.

Mr. Brad Phillips, with 37 years of leadership experience, took his experiences and created an atmosphere of vulnerability that left every business leader in attendance open to sharing their life’s story. It was at this moment that we were able to discover the true power that resides within our communities.

With Allen Greene II and Allen Greene Sr, Co-Founders of Envision, breaking the ice by sharing their story through a heartfelt video; a spark was created that inspired a true depth of transparency throughout the entire room.  

One thing that life has taught us at Envision is that you can tell a lot about the end of a thing by examining how it begins. Well, with a beginning like this one, the sky is truly the limit for how this program will help the businesses involved impact the lives of the people that live within their local communities.

Beck Envision; Proving that more can be accomplished – Together.