It’s moments like these that excite us the most!

On March 26, 2019, the Envision team received a call from Glen Diston, Founder of Go Green Document Solutions, Inc. to share with the team his big news, along with his gratitude and appreciation towards the successful experience he’s had with the Beck Envision team so far.

It was February 20th, when attending USF St. Petersburg’s Supplier Diversity Open House, when our team had the pleasure of meeting Glen Diston for the first time. During this outreach opportunity hosted by Terrie Daniel, Assistant Vice President of USF’s Office of Supplier Diversity, we were able to connect with minority businesses within the local community who desired to get engaged with USF on their upcoming projects.

Because we had recently been awarded a few notable projects throughout the USF system, Terrie Daniel invited the Beck Envision team to come to the USFSP Supplier Diversity Open House to speak to local businesses. It was shortly after this speaking engagement that Glen Diston approached our team with an introduction, followed by the question; “How can I get some work with the Beck Envision team on the USF projects?” After hearing our response, Glen immediately went into action.

Fast forward almost four weeks later, Jacques Duval, a member of Envision’s Leadership Team, received a call from a very excited Glen Diston, sharing with him that he had just been awarded the screen fencing contract for the USFSP Residence Hall and Dining project. Glen continued by sharing how he has never experienced a company so committed to giving people real opportunities, and how rare he has experienced people actually delivering on what they promise.

It’s stories like Glen Diston from Go Green Document Solutions Inc, that provides fuel to the Beck Envision flame. As we grow, it is our desire that those around us continue to grow as well.