During our last trip to Atlanta, the Envision team had the opportunity of hosting a table during the Georgia Black Constructors Association’s Business Symposium. Our purpose for attending this event was to meet other minority business located in the Atlanta area and to introduce them to what the Beck | Envision team are building together; through our Mentorship Protege Program (MPP).

As we plan to kick off the first program this year, more details to come, we have been very intentional when connecting with minority businesses in Atlanta to explain the reason behind our program.

In meeting the local subs, we were able to learn more of what is needed for the Atlanta community and had the chance to listen to a lot of their concerns. Another greeting we had the pleasure of making during the symposium was connecting with a researcher in Anthropology at the London School of Economics, studying affirmative action in public contracting, race, and entrepreneurship in Atlanta. She has been tasked with conducting a 12-month disparity study on the local MBEs in the area. This connection held perfect for what we’re aiming to build, as we took away a lot of great information that we’ll be able to use to help us in better serving the people in this community.

Moving to a new city can often time cause one to face a new set of obstacles. Yet, with new discoveries only comes new opportunities to experience growth. As we face this new culture and community in Atlanta, the Beck | Envision team are completely submitted to our passion of enhancing communities.