Today was a great day for the Beck | Envision Mentor-Protege Program (MPP). Our MPP is a program designed with one purpose in mind; Impact.

The Beck | Envision Mentorship Protege Program is unique to the Beck | Envision Partnership. During the program, Beck and Envision take what Envision has learned from Beck during our mentor-mentee relationship, paired with industry information relevant to working on Beck | Envision integrated projects, and we expose this information to the MBE’s who have been invited to participate in the program.  Once the MBE’s have successfully graduated from the Mentorship Protege Program, we immediately begin our active mentorship approach by involving them on Beck | Envision integrated projects.

The key to what creates real impact within our Mentorship Protege Program is our approach to Active Mentorship. True mentorship takes place only once a real relationship has first been established. It is through this genuine effort that one will possess the heart to care about the other individual enough to truly put forth the amount of time, resources and energy needed to help them gain the advantage, with no motive or personal gain involved.

To build on this, today we concluded a series of interviews with a powerful resource for our proteges.

Meet, Robert McNair.

Robert is the owner of a marketing and digital media company that provides small companies with world-class level marketing assets for print, social media, web, and even full web design and web development.

As a small business, though marketing is very important, it is sometimes not an expense that all small businesses are able to bear, for one reason or another. So, with that in mind, Robert and his team have decided to create custom monthly subscription packages for our proteges, which will equip their companies with items such as;

  • Full branding/rebranding systems with a fully loaded brand style guide,
  • Web design and development,
  • Print designs (Flyers, Business Cards, Stationary, etc.)
  • Graphic design services (Proposal packaging, large format prints and so much more)

Because of the heart that Robert has towards helping people, these items will be provided to our proteges at prices that are simply unheard of!

Understanding the power that great marketing can have on a company, we are truly excited about the amount of impact that we are getting ready to witness, and the next journey of growth for our proteges!