You can always determine the end of a thing by examining how it begins.

On April 18, 2019, the Beck Envision Tampa team hosted the Kickoff for our Mentor-Protege Program Tampa class. During this event, Fred Perpall, CEO of The Beck Group, shared his heart on how he believes the Beck Envision team has fully embraced the mutual exchange of partnerships more than the “greater than-less than” connotation associated with “mentors” and “proteges”. Because of this, our team has decided to honor his sentiments by changing the program’s name from “Mentor-Protege Program” to the “Beck Envision Partners Program”.

The power of this program is one that allows the community and its resources to come together to serve one cause; a cause to simply strengthen our community by empowering the small businesses that reside within it.

During the 2019 Partners Program Kickoff, some of the most recognized organizations within our community came together to support the new participants of the program and their journey towards growth. It is through these organizations and the opportunities that they provide, that gives the businesses and individuals of our Partners Program the inspiration that they need in order to endure the growth pains sustained as they navigate through their programmatic class sessions.

In addition to these organizations providing opportunities for the program participants and their businesses to apply what they’ve learned, they also provide the Beck Envision team with the canvas needed in order for our mentorship to take place so that real sustainable growth can occur.

As we continue to evolve, the region of Tampa Bay will stand as proof that more can always be accomplished when done together.