The Beck Group, over the past 100+ years, has done more than design and build buildings; yet in fact, they’ve built communities. In Atlanta, one of the ways that The Beck Group has moved to continue this effort is through the newly-launched Atlanta-Based Beck-Envision Mentorship Protégé Program.

The goal of this seven-month mentorship program is to give diverse companies the knowledge to grow their businesses, build networks and develop relationships in order to pursue work with The Beck-Envision team; all with the purpose of creating successful long-term partnerships.

After successfully executing a similar mentorship program with the Beck team in Tampa, The Beck Group Atlanta saw fit for the Envision team to partner with them on this effort to ensure the success of developing MWBE firms in Atlanta.

Over the past six months, The Beck Group Atlanta has worked diligently on building their Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) outreach efforts; an effort that has stemmed from their genuine interest in building relationships that transcend the typical transactional interface. What the team at The Beck Group and Envision have in common, is our desire to obtain relationships that surpass the typical one-off contractual fee-for-service interactions. Instead, our team, together is striving for mutually beneficial partnerships where trust, faith in knowledge, shared risk taking, professionalism and sincere concern for one another drives the interaction.

After numerous interviews with Atlanta-based MWBE firms, the Beck-Envision team has identified a talented and enthusiastic group of firms with true partnership potential.

The seven-month program with participating protégés kicked off on Thursday, February 7th, where the Beck-Envision team, along with the program protégés had the great opportunity to start building relationships that, we hope, will blossom over the coming months.

The Atlanta Mentorship Protege Cohort will meet once a month and cover topics such as, mission and vision statements, cash flow management, project execution, contracts and growth strategies.

In short, community is the bedrock of our existence. At Beck-Envision, we believe that our diverse community should be well represented on all of our teams, share in the prosperity of our projects, and join us in celebrating successful project completions which shape the Atlanta skyline. We, the Beck-Envision team, see this program as means to that end.