Winning work doesn’t happen by accident. You MUST be intentional!

Jeff Landefeld, Director of PreConstruction at Beck Atlanta, Jacques Duval of Envision & Robert McNair, Founder of Business Brand Guys,  shares with the group the returns gained from being intentional.

During the fourth Class of our partnership program in Atlanta held at the Beck office; we shared with the partners the mindset needed in order to help win work.

These were the topics discussed:

Winning Work
Online & Industry Presence
Company Culture = Sale Culture
Schedule of Values
Preparing for the scope out meeting

Robert McNair began laying the foundation by voicing the importance of brand awareness, brand consistency, and brand user experience. Technology has changed the way people do business along with how they interact with your business. Having a strong online presence can greatly impact the profitability of your company. From SEO insights, to brand awareness and community advocacy, being intentional with what you have online will begin to shift how people perceive you and your identity within the marketplace thus causing you to stand out amongst the rest.

From this, Jacques Duval began to showcase, first hand, how Roberts talking points has directly impacted Envision from where we were to where we are today. By conveying to the group, in detail, the journey Envision has gone through in first identifying what our brand represents, then, establishing that brand awareness within the infrastructure; working its way down to the core. Then lastly, communicating that message internally and externally; inline (text) and online.

At the conclusion of Jacques’s portion, Jeff Landefeld followed up with confirming how he uses what he finds online to provide the additional confidence needed to move forward with a bid from a new company he has not heard of before. Especially if that sub does not come with any references. Jeff then continued to share how laying out your proposals within a certain format, connecting relationally, understanding the scope in detail; will all help “add drops to the bucket” that ultimately leads to you winning work.