During Class 4 of the Beck Envision Tampa Partnership Program, the team shared with our partners how to effectively win work. The instructors for this class were Jacques Duval with Envision, Robert McNair with Business Brand Guys and Chris Nichols with The Beck Group. 

One thing about each of our team’s journeys is that we understand the value of personal experience and testimony. For the team at Envision, we, as a small business, have experienced firsthand the value that implementing an effective culture has on establishing a strong infrastructure, not only externally through brand recognition, but internally as well. 

Being a small business, our most important objective starting out was, of course, opportunity and chasing work. However, as a small company beginning to grow, the first thing you begin to recognize is that you simply cannot do it all on your own. Instead, a focus must be placed on creating an organization that will attract the right people to help you build the right foundation for your company’s objectives. 

As our own testimony goes, when Envision began to grow, we saw the need to develop an onboarding process, we developed our vision statement, our mission statement, and established systematic processes to help instill our values within every team member from entry to the execution phase of their tenure at Envision. Through establishing these processes, we found that it was equally important to communicate to the public those same values and remaining consistent through every touchpoint and every engagement. 

For Envision, our purpose is simple; people first. Everything that you see today, including our internal and external culture, is simply a byproduct of our “Why”; A “Why” and purpose that isn’t something that we chose, but instead, is something that we discovered over time.