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BEPP Class Three Tampa: Exposure is everything!

During today’s BeckEnvision Partnership Program (BEPP) Class for Tampa, Phillip Green, General Counsel at The Beck Group; Philip Russell, Attorney at Ogletree Deakins; & Tim Hunt, Attorney at Hill Ward Henderson, guided our program partners through the third class where they covered the following topics:

Owner Contracts

Subcontractor Agreements


As these legal professionals poured their years of expertise into the group, their content created much conversation. Kicking us off was Phillip Green and Tim Hunt. They teamed up to go over contract language, Florida statutes, merger clauses and so much more. Being exposed to this type of information, provided our group with the insight needed to help them make better decisions in their business transactions.

Closing us out was Phillip Russell as he talked about OSHA along with employee and employer relationships. After hearing his points, he created the unanimous understanding that employee safety and care cannot be important because of a legal compliance decision, but must be a valued attribute ingrained within a company’s culture.

As always, the impact of our partnership stems from connecting with the resources that live within our community. The Associated Builders & Contractors Florida Gulf Coast Chapter (ABC) is a perfect example of this. By opening their doors to host our third class so that the attorneys can impart into our Community Partners, this stands as proof that more will always be accomplished; together.


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BEPP Tampa Class Two: Intentional Topics, Strategic Resources, Long-Term Growth

Class two for the Beck Envision Partnership Program (BEPP), Tampa was a time of soaking up a host of great and invaluable information for each of our Tampa Partners in attendance.

The topics for this class included:



Business Financing & Bookkeeping

Cash flow Management

Pay applications

Beck Pre-qualification Process

Before the launch of the Tampa program, our BEPP team had the pleasure of hand-selecting each of the program resources who would be presenting on the varying topics of the program. This was done both strategically and intentionally to ensure that our program partners would be receiving viable information that could be applied to their businesses, as well as have the opportunity to connect with external resources who would be available to help with the growth of the many areas of their businesses, even beyond the program’s completion.

The resources who presented during this particular class included Brad Owens and Bill Burnham of Small Business Development Center at USF, presenting on both Cash Flow Management and Business Financing; Evan-Christina Williams and Alicia Graham of Pro Player Insurance Group, both presenting on insurance coverage information that was specifically advantageous to each business in attendance; Devin Phillips of Neilson Hoover Group, teaching on the topic of Bonding; and Michelle Natt and Karen Green of The Beck Group.

And, of course, we can’t forget about the delicious meals that were catered for the program for both breakfast and lunch, catered by Livy O’s Catering.

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BEPP Class 4 Atlanta: Winning work doesn’t happen by accident.

Winning work doesn’t happen by accident. You MUST be intentional!

Jeff Landefeld, Director of PreConstruction at Beck Atlanta, Jacques Duval of Envision & Robert McNair, Founder of Business Brand Guys,  shares with the group the returns gained from being intentional.

During the fourth Class of our partnership program in Atlanta held at the Beck office; we shared with the partners the mindset needed in order to help win work.

These were the topics discussed:

Winning Work
Online & Industry Presence
Company Culture = Sale Culture
Schedule of Values
Preparing for the scope out meeting

Robert McNair began laying the foundation by voicing the importance of brand awareness, brand consistency, and brand user experience. Technology has changed the way people do business along with how they interact with your business. Having a strong online presence can greatly impact the profitability of your company. From SEO insights, to brand awareness and community advocacy, being intentional with what you have online will begin to shift how people perceive you and your identity within the marketplace thus causing you to stand out amongst the rest.

From this, Jacques Duval began to showcase, first hand, how Roberts talking points has directly impacted Envision from where we were to where we are today. By conveying to the group, in detail, the journey Envision has gone through in first identifying what our brand represents, then, establishing that brand awareness within the infrastructure; working its way down to the core. Then lastly, communicating that message internally and externally; inline (text) and online.

At the conclusion of Jacques’s portion, Jeff Landefeld followed up with confirming how he uses what he finds online to provide the additional confidence needed to move forward with a bid from a new company he has not heard of before. Especially if that sub does not come with any references. Jeff then continued to share how laying out your proposals within a certain format, connecting relationally, understanding the scope in detail; will all help “add drops to the bucket” that ultimately leads to you winning work.

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Teach… Learn… Grow… Repeat: Brad Phillips comes to Tampa

On May 17, 2019 at 10:00 AM in the Envision main conference room, the BeckEnvision Tampa team hosted class 1 of the Partnership Program.

The driving idea behind this class was: Who Are You/Who Do You Want to Be?  Some of the items covered during this class included:

  1. Goal Setting/Vision Statement
  2. Mindset Shift: Installer to Owner
  3. Staff Development
  4. Workforce Development
  5. Succession Plans

It was during this class we look to expose our program partners to the power of understanding who they are and the position that they hold within the local marketplace. During this series, Brad Phillips, CEO of Beck international, prepares to deliver his wealth of knowledge and insight to help guide our program partners to a new-evolved way of thinking.

One thing that we have learned is that great impact can always be made by first establishing an authentic relationship. We have also understood that in order to cultivate a genuine relationship, transparency must take place so that trust can began taking form.

So in order for us to set the atmosphere for this to take place, the Allens (Allen Greene Sr, Allen Greene II; Co-Founders of Envision) decided to share their intimate and very emotional journey with the team. This was done in hopes to not only inform the group of their journey but to also inspire and set the tone for the time of intimacy that  was about to take place.

Shortly after the video and a few tears, the program partners decided to share their most deep and intimate stories. It was through this moment, Brad Phillips was able to infuse their stories into the context needed to help those companies better understand that their purpose goes beyond the typical B2B transaction.  


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USF SP: Marking a historical moment for the city of St. Petersburg

On April 25, 2019, the University of South Florida St. Petersburg welcomed many guests to their home for the Groundbreaking Ceremony for what will be, the newest Residence Hall and first full-service Dining Facility on the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus.

It was a remarkable experience attending the ceremony and hearing the words of some of USF’s Leadership who have directly impacted this milestone for USFSP, including Martin Tadlock, Regional Chancellor of USFSP; Judy Genshaft, USF System President; Stephanie Goforth, USFSP Campus Board Chair and Jacob Diaz, Regional Assistant Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students.

With a like-mind of keeping people first, the Beck Envision team is excited to join efforts with USFSP to build this new facility that will cater to the rising need of both added on-campus living, along with an affordable student housing option for the students of USFSP.

For our team to be able to do what we love, while contributing to something much larger than ourselves, it is simply invaluable.

As the Beck Envision team continue to move forward in building a community for the USFSP student body, it’s an honor to contribute to the history of the University of South Florida System through this astounding project.

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Beck Envision Tampa’s Partners Program Kickoff

You can always determine the end of a thing by examining how it begins.

On April 18, 2019, the Beck Envision Tampa team hosted the Kickoff for our Mentor-Protege Program Tampa class. During this event, Fred Perpall, CEO of The Beck Group, shared his heart on how he believes the Beck Envision team has fully embraced the mutual exchange of partnerships more than the “greater than-less than” connotation associated with “mentors” and “proteges”. Because of this, our team has decided to honor his sentiments by changing the program’s name from “Mentor-Protege Program” to the “Beck Envision Partners Program”.

The power of this program is one that allows the community and its resources to come together to serve one cause; a cause to simply strengthen our community by empowering the small businesses that reside within it.

During the 2019 Partners Program Kickoff, some of the most recognized organizations within our community came together to support the new participants of the program and their journey towards growth. It is through these organizations and the opportunities that they provide, that gives the businesses and individuals of our Partners Program the inspiration that they need in order to endure the growth pains sustained as they navigate through their programmatic class sessions.

In addition to these organizations providing opportunities for the program participants and their businesses to apply what they’ve learned, they also provide the Beck Envision team with the canvas needed in order for our mentorship to take place so that real sustainable growth can occur.

As we continue to evolve, the region of Tampa Bay will stand as proof that more can always be accomplished when done together.


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#StrongerTogether: Impacting One Business at a Time

Through the Beck Envision relationship, it is our intention to not only build buildings, but most importantly, to build our community.

One of the ways that we actively do this is through the Beck Envision Mentor-Protege Program (MPP), where we intentionally engage the proteges of the program, even beyond the classroom.

Reginald Clark, owner of what was once known as “Reggie’s Affordable Heating & Cooling” is one of those proteges.

Through actively engaging Reginald one-on-one, our team has been able to discover more about who Reggie is and the desired areas of growth within his business. Through this discovery, the Beck Envision team saw great potential in Reggie’s company and was able to successfully connect him with our MPP marketing resource, Robert McNair of Church Brand Guys, in order to involve him with a full rebrand of Reggie’s company.

Along with this, the Beck Envision team has also had the pleasure of connecting Reggie with Brian Wilkinson of BCH Mechanical, who has had a tremendous amount of impact in Reggie’s business, acting as a mentor to him and showing him even further ways to expand his company.

At Beck Envision, it is our goal to not only extend resources to our proteges to prepare them to conduct business on larger scale construction projects, but in addition to this, it is our plan to play our part in ensuring that every business we touch is a moving part in making our community stronger alongside with us.

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Beck Envision: The Legacy Birthed Through Our Actions

Max Volmar of M&G Janitorial Services is a partner of the, now, Beck Envision Partners Program with a heart to see others grow and succeed, who has begun extending his reach as a mentor to another like-business within our community.

Similar to what took place within the Beck Envision relationship, Max saw the opportunity to lend his knowledge and subject matter expertise to another business who had the potential to be great, but just needed the extra guidance and push to become the business that he aspired to be.

Dedrick Jones, who currently owns his own janitorial services company is interested in learning more about cleaning floors, however, he does not have access to the proper equipment required for commercial flooring clean-up. Because of Max’s expertise and access to the appropriate equipment, however, he not only offered to train Detrick on how to properly use the equipment, but he has also allowed Detrick to utilize these materials and equipment when needed.

To see the fruit of the Beck Envision relationship move down within the roots of our community as our partners begin to follow suit in pursuing purposeful partnerships is both rewarding and inspiring.

With our community’s overall economic development in mind, there is so much that can be accomplished from the “Big Brother, Little Brother” approach.  In short, we reach people so that they can reach more. It is truly a never-ending cycle that has the power to make unmatched change within our community as we continue to lift up others & extend the chain of growth from business to business.

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Beck Envision: Bridging the Gap Between Opportunities Found Within Our Industry and the Local Community

It’s moments like these that excite us the most!

On March 26, 2019, the Envision team received a call from Glen Diston, Founder of Go Green Document Solutions, Inc. to share with the team his big news, along with his gratitude and appreciation towards the successful experience he’s had with the Beck Envision team so far.

It was February 20th, when attending USF St. Petersburg’s Supplier Diversity Open House, when our team had the pleasure of meeting Glen Diston for the first time. During this outreach opportunity hosted by Terrie Daniel, Assistant Vice President of USF’s Office of Supplier Diversity, we were able to connect with minority businesses within the local community who desired to get engaged with USF on their upcoming projects.

Because we had recently been awarded a few notable projects throughout the USF system, Terrie Daniel invited the Beck Envision team to come to the USFSP Supplier Diversity Open House to speak to local businesses. It was shortly after this speaking engagement that Glen Diston approached our team with an introduction, followed by the question; “How can I get some work with the Beck Envision team on the USF projects?” After hearing our response, Glen immediately went into action.

Fast forward almost four weeks later, Jacques Duval, a member of Envision’s Leadership Team, received a call from a very excited Glen Diston, sharing with him that he had just been awarded the screen fencing contract for the USFSP Residence Hall and Dining project. Glen continued by sharing how he has never experienced a company so committed to giving people real opportunities, and how rare he has experienced people actually delivering on what they promise.

It’s stories like Glen Diston from Go Green Document Solutions Inc, that provides fuel to the Beck Envision flame. As we grow, it is our desire that those around us continue to grow as well.

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Mentorship + Opportunities = Real Growth

On March 21st at 9 AM in the Beck Atlanta office, we kicked off class two of our mentor protégé program.

During this class, Overhead & Risk Management, we went over the following topics;

Business Financing & Bookkeeping
Cash flow Management
Prompt Payment Programs
Payapps – Subs
Payapps – Owner

Through the MPP pre-interview process, we sought to gain a real understanding of each of the companies’ current position along with identifying their pain points. From this discovery, we custom-built a curriculum that speaks directly to each of their issues and partnered up with resources that will help address sustainable solutions for these companies.

In putting together the curriculum for class two, we went through our entire resource pool and found the best resources that could speak intimately and intelligently on the topics of our protege’s needs. That extensive search brought us to Mark Collins, Beck’s Chief Financial Officer; Raymond Alletto, Beck’s Director of Risk Management; Devin Phillips with Nielson Wojtowicz, Neu & Associates and his guest Erik Tyson; and Lori Statome & Courtney Leiker, Beck Atlanta Regional Accounting Managers.

The amount of insight that these professionals provided to the group was indeed the type of information that will help our proteges to create a stronger foundation that will lead to real impactful growth.

In fact, at the conclusion of this class, Robert Gray, President/COO of EGM Services, approached Allen II & Allen Sr to share with them that he was just awarded a multi-million dollar contract for a Beck project located in Atlanta.

It is this level of impact that we look to continue to spread throughout our local communities; real opportunities with real mentorship that causes real impact for real people.