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Envision discovers another great way to build our community

Developing a Stronger Workforce Tampa… Together

Over the next four years, an estimated $13 billion worth of expansion will come into our great city of Tampa. Over the next ten years, that number will significantly increase. From Channelside to the Downtown expansion, to the potential Rays relocation to Ybor City, to the Port of Tampa’s master plan: Tampa is on course for explosive growth. As GC’s who have been raised and continue to live in this community, we discovered an excellent opportunity to introduce the next generation to a career in construction. As our society becomes more technologically focused, electronics are much more commonplace with the youth, making them great candidates for future innovation.

Because of this insight, we are looking to partner with local community leaders like the CDC of Tampa to help create workforce training with a focus on specific project needs. As our business grows and expands, so does our ability to be a resource (e.g. connecting students to architects and allowing them to be a part of design teams who are building the next community landmark).

We believe in building not just buildings, but the communities the buildings belong to. One thing we’ve learned through our journey is; the best way to make a stronger community; is to partner with it!

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The Power in Community and Faith

Clarity breeds Confidence

The Envision leaderships gathered together yesterday to share updates on projects. The power of a team can be observed by how they face obstacles together. Our team showed once again the true substance of its character when The Holy Spirit took over the meeting to showcase the heart of every individual on our team.

He went around the table opening up each member’s heart, they shared how the vision of Envision changed their lives forever. It’s this that fuels their willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure this vision is well taken care of.

Every member of our team left empowered and ignited to carry out their assignments with a focus that only produces great outcomes!

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Building with the future in mind

An Innovative Approach

Yesterday, the teams at Envision and Beck had the pleasure of meeting with SHIFTT, the Regional Partner of DIRTT Environmental Solutions, to learn more about their innovative approach to construction, and the opportunity for our teams to collaborate on future construction projects.
With innovation and sustainability at the heart of SHIFTT, they have partnered with a system that has begun to bring a more technologically advanced approach to construction and interior build into the Tampa Bay community, by using a software platform called ICE. With ICE, SHIFTT is able to complete the interior build process by allowing customers to virtually explore and modify the design of their interior build.
SHIFTT and the teams at Beck and Envision have many things in common, one of which being that we both understand and have a great appreciation for the future. It’s not necessarily about building for today, but instead, what we’re building for tomorrow. It’s companies like SHIFTT who excites us about building more efficient and revolutionized construction systems, and the teams at Beck and Envision are excited for the future and opportunity to collaborate with the SHIFTT team.
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Graduation Day

The Mentorship Protege Program Graduating Class

Tonight, we celebrated the completion of the Mentorship Protege Program for yet another class with a graduation ceremony. This celebratory event took place at the Beck office to not only commend our mentees on the work that they’ve done throughout the program and for their successful completion but also to celebrate them and welcome them as they begin their new journey’s working alongside the Beck | Envision team on future projects. Our mentees each received a certificate tonight to congratulate them, and each of them had the opportunity to provide feedback on the experience that they’ve had throughout the program. One of our mentees, in particular, had great things to say about Ryan Toth, The Beck Group Regional Director Tampa, on how he continually went out of his way to show that he really cares for the company and the work they are able to provide. Ryan Toth showed this by creating innovative ways to find the MBE work when other construction companies would lay his trade to the side.

Continuing our efforts to create qualified MBE’s, our vision of building people and building communities remains the same. Our pleasure has been in being able to contribute to the amount of qualified MBE’s that our community has to offer, and we look to continue to add to this effort. At Envision, we are always looking to reach back and bring other MBE’s forward in order to create a community of qualified MBE’s. As an MBE firm, we’ve experienced first hand the impact that strong leadership, and the opportunity that comes alongside it, can make and we look to continually extend this same opportunity to other MBE’s in our community.

We are proud of the growth and dedication each of our mentees has exuded throughout the Mentorship Protege Program, and we look forward to continuing to work alongside each of them on future projects to come.

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New Business and A New “Challenge”

Company-Wide Quarterly Meeting: New Business and A New “Challenge”

At Envision, we are a team who believes in keeping people first in everything that we do. So naturally, of course, that has to start in-house with our very own team. Today, for our company-wide quarterly meeting, we wanted to show our hard-working team the appreciation that they deserve, so, we decided to close down all projects early and gather everyone up to enjoy a bite to eat while discussing some very important company-wide updates. 

During our quarterly meeting, we showed the team an exclusive first look into our company documentary, allowing them to learn more about who our founders and founding family are, and what Envision truly means to them. This video was shown to help everyone understand the “Why” behind our vision. 

Then, following the video, we went over company-wide updates, including new policies and procedures, and the official introduction of our Beck partners to the team.

During this official introduction, we went over what the Beck | Envision “True Partnership” is all about and what our plans are for continuing to work together in the future for our community. 

Finally, to tie it all together, we decided to end the day with a little friendly competition through a push-up challenge. The push-up challenge was created to not only promote fun while having the opportunity to earn extra cash, but it was also in efforts to continually promote one of our underlying core values — health. The winners of the push-up challenge Luther, coming in first place with 57 push-ups, and Armani, coming in second place completing 51, both took home cash prizes of $100 and $50, respectively.

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The Beck Group & Envision bringing the impact to Atlanta

Bringing Inclusion to Atlanta, GA: BECK | Envision Partnership 

Today, the BECK | Envision team had the opportunity of meeting with the Atlanta BECK office to discuss different ways the BECK | Envision partnership could enhance the small business sector in Atlanta. With the constant growth, this city continues to experience, with a projected $158 billion expected to come into the area over the next 20 years through 2044, there is no better time than now for the two to come together in joint efforts to build a stronger city and community.

Our mission is to positively impact every community that we touch, and with this, the BECK | Envision team would be proud to implement the Minority Mentorship Protege Program in the Atlanta area as well in order to continue our efforts of bringing forth diversity and inclusion into the construction sector.

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A More Qualified & Diverse Workforce

One Step Closer to a More Diverse Workforce

The Mentorship Minority Protege Program is coming to a close for another session, and we are well pleased to see the transformation that has gone forth within each of the companies involved. In our last class of the session, we reviewed Subcontract Agreements, Insurance, Pay Requests, Holds, and ODP. Each of the classes included in the program had been prepared for the companies involved to learn how to conduct quality business with the group at Beck | Envision. We’ve even had the opportunity to begin to engage with some of our mentee businesses on upcoming projects. 

Working with each of the businesses involved within our community in the Mentorship Protege program has given us the opportunity to continue to build something real with real people who have a real passion for business. And now, as we continue to make strides to close the gap between diversity inclusion and our community, we are extremely proud of the progress that has gone forth throughout our Mentorship Protege program and through the businesses involved. 

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It’s Training Day

Some of our Envision team members getting the flooring rundown from our flooring personnel as they demonstrate the proper mixture of self-leveling products, equipment operation and the application process for our flooring procedures. Since Envision takes on a large percentage of our own commercial flooring projects, we are highly committed to providing ongoing in-house trainings to our employees. 


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The BECK Group and Envision are helping local MBEs build better businesses

Mentorship Protege Program: Class 3 in Session

The Mentorship Protege Program has ended its third class, going over the fundamentals and guidelines of Safety and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. In this class, the material gone over has shown each of the companies what they each needed to work on in order to do business successfully with BECK | Envision on our future projects. 

Each company that has been admitted into the Mentorship Protege Program are qualified companies that were hand-picked by the team at BECK | Envision. Selections were made based on what we noticed in each of the companies; they each had immense potential in them and all they needed was a little guidance. 

Companies included in the Mentorship Protege Program: M&G Janitorial Services, Kerrick Williams Photography, Larry Sams with Sams New Development LLC, Apollo Construction & Engineering Services, All in One Electric, Reggie’s Affordable Heating & Cooling Inc, Optional Solutions LLC, Mckenzie Contracting, LLC, and Offis Spayce.




“We build buildings to build people.”
Fred Perpall, FAIA, Chief Executive Officer of The BECK Group

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The Beck Group and their contribution towards cancer

The Beck Group will bring a luxurious touch to the newly revitalized Florida Hospital Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Center.

Last night, Envision had the opportunity of supporting Emily Farrell and our teammates at The Beck Group at Florida Hospital’s “Brick by Brick” Bash, a foundation event created to raise funds for the revitalization of Florida Hospital’s new spa-like cancer rehabilitation clinic located in Carrollwood, Tampa, Florida. The Beck Group has graciously decided to donate their design services and team members for the revitalization project to ensure that every person admitted into the Carrollwood Breast Wellness Centre receives the ultimate luxurious experience.