An Innovative Approach

Yesterday, the teams at Envision and Beck had the pleasure of meeting with SHIFTT, the Regional Partner of DIRTT Environmental Solutions, to learn more about their innovative approach to construction, and the opportunity for our teams to collaborate on future construction projects.
With innovation and sustainability at the heart of SHIFTT, they have partnered with a system that has begun to bring a more technologically advanced approach to construction and interior build into the Tampa Bay community, by using a software platform called ICE. With ICE, SHIFTT is able to complete the interior build process by allowing customers to virtually explore and modify the design of their interior build.
SHIFTT and the teams at Beck and Envision have many things in common, one of which being that we both understand and have a great appreciation for the future. It’s not necessarily about building for today, but instead, what we’re building for tomorrow. It’s companies like SHIFTT who excites us about building more efficient and revolutionized construction systems, and the teams at Beck and Envision are excited for the future and opportunity to collaborate with the SHIFTT team.