Today, The CDC of Tampa hosted its annual Suit Up and Show Up Event; A time that brought together young men, ages 16-24, to teach them about the importance of life skills, goal setting, and financial literacy — all while providing each participant with a tailored suit, shirt, tie and dress shoes.

Many men, and members of our community, joined together with the CDC of Tampa today in order to ensure that the young men attending today’s event had a day loaded with wisdom, insight, great conversation and amazing help during their Suit Up Shopping Experience.

All of the young men in attendance had the opportunity to first, be measured by professional tailors, to start off their shopping experience. Following, they received one on one guidance from the volunteers- professional men from throughout Tampa Bay, when selecting their choice of professional attire. What took place today, however, was more than just a shopping experience. While the volunteers guided the young men in choosing their apparel, they also took that opportunity to uplift the young men and pour into them.

Aside from today’s shopping experience, however, Suit Up and Show Up hosted several rounds of panel discussions where the young men had the opportunity to hear from more men from throughout our city about important life lessons that brought them to where they are today. These discussions allowed the young men the opportunity to ask each of the panelist questions that has the potential to shape the very steps they decide to take from this day forward.

It’s opportunities like this one, that brings together professionals from throughout our community to guide and mentor our young men, that has the power to shape our city for generations to come. Thank you to the CDC of Tampa for conducting such an impactful and powerful day full of events for our young men.