Minority Mentorship Protégé Program 2018

Something very rare and extraordinary happens when you decide to step outside of what you know and explore new territories with people who see things from a different vantage point. Beck is a testament to that as they are known for creating some of the most unique structures our world has ever experienced. They’ve done this by first embracing genuine people who think differently and then giving them the freedom to express those differences. It’s through these unique partnerships where they have expanded their thinking and have allowed themselves to see new levels of growth.

We believe the best way to truly build a community, is to build the people first and therefore want our projects to be a reflection of the members of the communities we serve. We therefore intentionally and actively seek to give minority and local companies full and fair opportunities to participate in the execution of all of our projects.

As a commitment to that value, Beck established it‘s Minority Mentor Protégé Program. Over the last two years, the program has made available to its participant’s classes designed to educate them on current industry standards and procedures and how to best meet the clients’ needs. We believe in the power of partnership, so we invest in advancing our partners businesses while strengthening our core.

This year, we have enrolled the following local companies in our program.

M&G Janitorial Services
Kerrick Williams Photography
Larry Sams with Sams New Development LLC
Apollo Construction & Engineering Services
All in One Electric
Reggie’s Affordable Heating & Cooling Inc
Optional Solutions LLC
Mckenzie Contracting, LLC

Through this year’s curriculum, we look to build their competency level and make them better equipped to become valuable assets on projects for our clients.