The Envision team is getting settled into our new home in Atlanta, and as we get ourselves acquainted, we’ve been eager to begin connecting with the community and meeting them where they’re at in order to enjoy pure fellowship and begin to discover the new city that we’re in. During our last trip to Atlanta, a stop our team couldn’t leave without making was one to Freddie Mac’s BBQ. Freddie Mac’s BBQ, a small black-owned BBQ restaurant located about 15 miles from the heart of the city, is anything but small in their flavor and their love for their city.

One thing we absolutely love having the opportunity to do is fellowshipping with the people of the community – it speaks to the heart of who we are and is what enhances our partnership with Beck. As with any relationship, there’s a common meeting ground, and with ours – it’s our love for the community. Also in a relationship, the differences between the two are what brings you together and cause you to be stronger together than you are apart. As exclusive MBE partners with The Beck Group Atlanta, our desire and ability to commune with the people of the community – and meet them where they are to understand their needs, allows both firms to be more effective and impactful in all of our efforts. Stronger together, the Beck | Envision team is looking forward to continuing our connections with the community of Atlanta in a new way in order to foster real relationship and real change.