At the end of every year, the Envision team hosts our Annual End of the Year Celebration, as we reflect on the past year, and look towards the new year to come with our family, friends, and loved ones.

This year, the Envision team along with our special guests, filled the Envision Warehouse, where we enjoyed great food, catered by Mr. Alton Lily Sr, holiday music, a time of reflection and tears of joy.

During this celebration, our team had the opportunity to truly reflect on how far Envision has grown since 2009. With all of the amazing things that we’ve experienced in 2018 –  the expansion of our internal culture, our 2nd location opening in Atlanta, our field crew members closing on new homes, the invaluable partnerships that we’ve partnered with throughout our community, and much more – we are truly beaming with joy and gratitude as we prepare to close one year and head into the next one.

To every moving part of the Envision family; to our team members, our partners at Beck and those throughout the community, to our vendors, our clients, and our friends throughout Atlanta, to everyone who contributes to the vision of Envision in any way – we want to say thank you. It’s because of each of you that our 2018 has been as great as it has, and for that, we will forever remain grateful. Thank you!