What an awesome thing it is to experience a vision come to life. With a mission to end youth homelessness, the Starting Right, Now team is known for doing amazing things within our community; so, it was only right that that same community come together to pay it forward and lend a helping hand in building the new Starting Right, Now Training Center. 

During the Open House for the new Training Center, attendees had the opportunity to hear the heart-warming story of a, now USF college graduate, who went from not knowing where she would lay her head at night at a very young age, to now crediting Starting Right, Now for making such a huge impact in her life, and giving her the ability to discover her life’s passion.

It’s organizations like Staring Right, Now and community efforts like these that keep the heartbeat of our city beating strong. Congratulations to both Vicki Sokolik and the Starting Right, Now team on a successful open house and a beautiful facility, and thank you – to Suffolk Construction for giving the Envision team the opportunity to partner on this effort.