Over this past year, our company’s Flooring Division has placed an intense amount of focus on operations and infrastructure. One of the many pitfalls that small businesses like us experience is the ability to know how to scale a company. Though opportunities are great, without the right systems at the foundation to support it, they can potentially cause the small business to struggle and in some cases; fail. 

Through the mentors we have had on our journey, they have exposed, guided and taught us how to operate at a higher capacity. Now, with our newest flooring projects, we are able to be highly effective. Through the use of our various realtime production tracking tools, we are far more efficient and much better stewards for our clients and partners’ resources.

Hillsborough County Public School’s “TTT High School”, built by Core Construction and Horus Construction, is the newest flooring project our self-performing crews are actively working on, with over 55 years of combined experience, coupled with our new operational workflows and project systems; all to build a facility for the future students and families of Riverview, Florida. 

Project Name: TTT High Scool

Client: Hillsborough County Public School

GC: Core Construction and Horus Construction

Scope: Installation of Floor tile, Wall tile, Waterproofing, Carpet, Resilient, Wood, Floor Prep