At Envision, it is our saying that we are truly a product of great opportunity, mentorship and our community.

It was many years ago when Allen Greene II, Co-Founder of Envision, finished high school and entered into college, that he discovered that after working with his father’s flooring company all throughout high school, his heart remained there. Therefore, instead of attending college, Allen II went to work with his father full-time and later co-founded Envision. It was because of Allen II’s exposure to the industry coupled with his hands-on experience that Envision was created, and that it is what it is today.

The truth is, there are very real opportunities for high school graduates who may not be on the path to college, especially within the construction industry. Because at Envision, we recognize first hand, the power that exposure and opportunity holds, it is our charge to not only create opportunities for those individuals, but to also provide the necessary tools and resources required to be equipped for those said opportunities.

Because this is our charge, the Flooring division of Envision, teamed with the CDC of Tampa, have begun planning a short-term commercial flooring training program that will equip our next generation of construction workers with the necessary skills needed to excel in the commercial flooring industry.

It is our pleasure to take part in this opportunity and to continue the legacy of opportunity, mentorship and community with our youth.