During today’s BeckEnvision Partnership Program (BEPP) Class for Tampa, Phillip Green, General Counsel at The Beck Group; Philip Russell, Attorney at Ogletree Deakins; & Tim Hunt, Attorney at Hill Ward Henderson, guided our program partners through the third class where they covered the following topics:

Owner Contracts

Subcontractor Agreements


As these legal professionals poured their years of expertise into the group, their content created much conversation. Kicking us off was Phillip Green and Tim Hunt. They teamed up to go over contract language, Florida statutes, merger clauses and so much more. Being exposed to this type of information, provided our group with the insight needed to help them make better decisions in their business transactions.

Closing us out was Phillip Russell as he talked about OSHA along with employee and employer relationships. After hearing his points, he created the unanimous understanding that employee safety and care cannot be important because of a legal compliance decision, but must be a valued attribute ingrained within a company’s culture.

As always, the impact of our partnership stems from connecting with the resources that live within our community. The Associated Builders & Contractors Florida Gulf Coast Chapter (ABC) is a perfect example of this. By opening their doors to host our third class so that the attorneys can impart into our Community Partners, this stands as proof that more will always be accomplished; together.