The Mentorship Protege Program Graduating Class

Tonight, we celebrated the completion of the Mentorship Protege Program for yet another class with a graduation ceremony. This celebratory event took place at the Beck office to not only commend our mentees on the work that they’ve done throughout the program and for their successful completion but also to celebrate them and welcome them as they begin their new journey’s working alongside the Beck | Envision team on future projects. Our mentees each received a certificate tonight to congratulate them, and each of them had the opportunity to provide feedback on the experience that they’ve had throughout the program. One of our mentees, in particular, had great things to say about Ryan Toth, The Beck Group Regional Director Tampa, on how he continually went out of his way to show that he really cares for the company and the work they are able to provide. Ryan Toth showed this by creating innovative ways to find the MBE work when other construction companies would lay his trade to the side.

Continuing our efforts to create qualified MBE’s, our vision of building people and building communities remains the same. Our pleasure has been in being able to contribute to the amount of qualified MBE’s that our community has to offer, and we look to continue to add to this effort. At Envision, we are always looking to reach back and bring other MBE’s forward in order to create a community of qualified MBE’s. As an MBE firm, we’ve experienced first hand the impact that strong leadership, and the opportunity that comes alongside it, can make and we look to continually extend this same opportunity to other MBE’s in our community.

We are proud of the growth and dedication each of our mentees has exuded throughout the Mentorship Protege Program, and we look forward to continuing to work alongside each of them on future projects to come.