“Legacy” and “Impact” are two words to describe the night that the Beck Envision team experienced while attending Revealing Truth Ministries’ Founder’s Week Legacy Gala on Thursday evening.

With dimmed lights, beautiful decor, and captivating experiences, from dancing, to musical selections from Sound of Truth & so much more – the evening was filled with commemorative displays of the vision that Revealing Truth Ministries stands on, set by their Founding Pastors, Pastors Greg & Deborah Powe.

When Revealing Truth Ministries was formed 28 years ago, the journey started by the Founding Pastors, Greg and Deborah Powe, packing up their family & moving to Tampa to follow the vision that was laid on their hearts. Many years later, Revealing Truth Ministries stands as a ministry known for their significant impact throughout the city, leading various innovative initiatives throughout Tampa Bay.

As the Founders Week Legacy Gala was titled “Remembering the Promise: Its Time to Build”, guests attending had the opportunity to not only hear from the Founder of the Mighty Marching Lions Marching Band on how the band began, and the significant impact that it has had on its members; but also had the pleasure of receiving powerful inspiration from various ministerial leaders, encouraging the members and guests that the time has arrived to continue building on the legacy that was set for the ministry, 28 years ago.

The Beck Envision team stand in great anticipation alongside the members of Revealing Truth Ministries, excited and awaiting to see all of what will come out of this great ministry. It’s time to build.