Smaller businesses within this great community continue to thrive and two key attributes that promote this growth are humility and willingness.

When these two attributes are coupled with an experienced and vested mentor, it allows for pure impact to take place.

Humility positions the mentee to receive guidance, insight, criticism, and direction from a source outside of their control. Willingness creates an atmosphere for active application of what has been shared.

This is exactly what took place with Reggie Clark, founder of the formally known company “Reggie’s Affordable AC Heating and Cooling”. 

As we began guiding him through the Beck Envision pursuit opportunities, we also shared with him the importance of establishing and building something bigger than himself. 

Your brand should represent the core of your beliefs. So that once it’s shared with the world, those who relate, will begin to connect and help advocate for your mission. 

This is where Reggie Clark connected with Envision’s very own, Gabrielle Howard. Through a series of conversations— pulling comments, responses and even personal testimonies from Mr. Clark—his new yet unique identity within the marketplace began to take form. 

After days of conversations, Evolve Mechanical was born. 

Evolve Mechanical is a family-owned business that specializes in residential and commercial HVAC services. They earned their humble beginnings in early 2006 with one service truck, one toolbox and one service/installer employee.

“Our company uses every opportunity to learn and grow so that we are constantly evolving. Because while change is temporary, evolution is constant.”

Reggie Clark-