We have been able to experience first hand the impact that great mentorship has on a company. Our mentor, The Beck Group, has been a great model for us to follow as we help mentor our proteges from the Mentorship Protege Program graduating class 2018.

Over the past couple of days, we’ve had the great opportunity of sitting down with a few of our Mentorship Protege Program 2018 graduates in order to have one-on-one discussions regarding the life of their businesses following the mentorship program. To start each meeting, we began by first showing our “Envision Story” video. This 15-minute video, developed in order to show an in-depth and personal look into the life of our Founders and their journey in shaping Envision, is very personal to our team, however, we wanted to show this video to our proteges in order to set the tone for both our meeting and our continued relationship with each of them. With our proteges, our desire is to maintain a “no filter” relationship. We believe that this approach is necessary as we continue to relate to each of them that we’ve been where they are and we’re here to extend our help and guidance throughout their path to continued growth and success.

During this meeting, we discovered immediate needs that connected to resources that we have, and how bridging the gap between these two things impacted the proteges in such a way that it now opens them up to opportunities they were wanting to pursue but couldn’t.

In the upcoming weeks, we look to continue our engagement with the proteges and their businesses in order to help in the positioning of their companies with where they need to be in order to reach their next level of success.