On March 21st at 9 AM in the Beck Atlanta office, we kicked off class two of our mentor protégé program.

During this class, Overhead & Risk Management, we went over the following topics;

Business Financing & Bookkeeping
Cash flow Management
Prompt Payment Programs
Payapps – Subs
Payapps – Owner

Through the MPP pre-interview process, we sought to gain a real understanding of each of the companies’ current position along with identifying their pain points. From this discovery, we custom-built a curriculum that speaks directly to each of their issues and partnered up with resources that will help address sustainable solutions for these companies.

In putting together the curriculum for class two, we went through our entire resource pool and found the best resources that could speak intimately and intelligently on the topics of our protege’s needs. That extensive search brought us to Mark Collins, Beck’s Chief Financial Officer; Raymond Alletto, Beck’s Director of Risk Management; Devin Phillips with Nielson Wojtowicz, Neu & Associates and his guest Erik Tyson; and Lori Statome & Courtney Leiker, Beck Atlanta Regional Accounting Managers.

The amount of insight that these professionals provided to the group was indeed the type of information that will help our proteges to create a stronger foundation that will lead to real impactful growth.

In fact, at the conclusion of this class, Robert Gray, President/COO of EGM Services, approached Allen II & Allen Sr to share with them that he was just awarded a multi-million dollar contract for a Beck project located in Atlanta.

It is this level of impact that we look to continue to spread throughout our local communities; real opportunities with real mentorship that causes real impact for real people.