Company-Wide Quarterly Meeting: New Business and A New “Challenge”

At Envision, we are a team who believes in keeping people first in everything that we do. So naturally, of course, that has to start in-house with our very own team. Today, for our company-wide quarterly meeting, we wanted to show our hard-working team the appreciation that they deserve, so, we decided to close down all projects early and gather everyone up to enjoy a bite to eat while discussing some very important company-wide updates. 

During our quarterly meeting, we showed the team an exclusive first look into our company documentary, allowing them to learn more about who our founders and founding family are, and what Envision truly means to them. This video was shown to help everyone understand the “Why” behind our vision. 

Then, following the video, we went over company-wide updates, including new policies and procedures, and the official introduction of our Beck partners to the team.

During this official introduction, we went over what the Beck | Envision “True Partnership” is all about and what our plans are for continuing to work together in the future for our community. 

Finally, to tie it all together, we decided to end the day with a little friendly competition through a push-up challenge. The push-up challenge was created to not only promote fun while having the opportunity to earn extra cash, but it was also in efforts to continually promote one of our underlying core values — health. The winners of the push-up challenge Luther, coming in first place with 57 push-ups, and Armani, coming in second place completing 51, both took home cash prizes of $100 and $50, respectively.