As the Envision team prepares to open new doors in Atlanta, we’ve begun making forward movements in ensuring that every block that we build with comes together to create a solid foundation for our Atlanta office. During our last visit to Atlanta, we had the great opportunity of sitting down to introduce Damian Hamlin, Beck’s Atlanta Associate Principal of Architecture, and Devin Phillips, Envision’s Bonding Agent. During this introduction, we began implementing some of the key components for our Atlanta: Beck | Envision Mentorship Protege Program. Along with this meeting, we had the opportunity of connecting with and establishing many relationships that will play a pivotal role in establishing the presence of Envision throughout Atlanta. The most exciting moment of our trip, however, was the moment our Co-Founders experienced standing in the new Atlanta office for the first time. This moment not only stood as a representation of the next chapter ahead but also as a moment of reflection for how far we’ve come to reach this point of our story.


The Envision team is looking forward to this next level of growth because we know the power it will have in reaching more lives and positively impacting the people around us. As we grow into our new home in Atlanta, and move in to make our permanent mark, we anticipate the growth that we have experienced thus far, will be the same growth Atlanta will experience within their neighborhoods and communities, and we are excited to roll up our sleeves and get to work.