The partnership that we at Envision have with The Beck Group has given our team access to decades of knowledge, wisdom and experience in areas that have simply been unknown to us.

Because of this relationship and the passion that Beck has to help build people, there is no project we can’t take on together. From Aviation, Hospitality, Civic, Education, Healthcare and so much more, The Beck Group continues to extend their resources to the Envision team, providing us with the tools necessary to successfully execute our projects and better serve our clients.

During a recent walk-through the Envision team had for a project we are pursuing for our Commercial Flooring Division at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute on USF’s Tampa Campus, we had the opportunity of touring the site with one of Beck’s most knowledgeable team members, Kevin Reardon. Kevin’s experience, paired with his industry know-how, exposed our team to years of relevant experience in a practical way that taught us how to set up our job site for ICRA compliance.

It’s moments like these that reveal the influence a powerful partnership can have on a young and growing company when exercised with pure intent and genuine motive.