October 12, 2018, marked a proud day for the Beck | Envision team and our proteges as we shifted into the next phase for our first conjoined Mentorship Protege Program (MPP) class.

After this year’s graduation of the 2018 MPP class, the Beck | Envision team immediately went into the Active Mentorship phase of the program.

The Active Mentorship phase of MPP is where we begin to implement the various things we’ve learned from our “big brother”, The Beck Group, and dig beneath the surfaces of our proteges’ businesses to discover areas of immediate needs. Because at Envision we are still considered the “little fish in a big pond” in a lot of cases, the ability we have in relating with our proteges through our experiences produces something very unique; especially when our guidance is coupled with their shortcomings.

Through our approach to building local MBEs, we are discovering that the ability to relate goes a long way; in fact, it creates an opportunity to develop a real and authentic relationship.

Through the consistent engagement of our MPP proteges with the Beck | Envision team, we were able to form a bond that made the proteges feel that we indeed do care about them and the growth of their companies. It was through this connection that we have been able to navigate and promote the proteges in areas that have positioned them to be awarded their very first contract on an Envision project. This project also stands as a major milestone for the Envision team as this is our first CM project with the University of South Florida; an opportunity that is simply the beginning of our journey to new growth.

We say congratulations to Rodney Jones of All-In-One Electric and Max Volmar Jr. of M & G Janitorial Services.