Every new project that Envision embarks on presents another opportunity for our team to engage more of our Mentorship Protege Program protégés.

With the Beck Envision latest mentorship program class now far behind us, the class did a great job of equipping our team with an amazing set of qualified MBE’s who are able to come alongside us on not only one of our projects, but consecutively on all of our projects. Max Volmar, Owner of M&G Janitorial Services, is one of those qualified MBE’s.

Max’s professionalism, care and attention to detail, and his outstanding team are some of what continues to set him apart as a great company. In short, the quality of work that Max continues to bring forth on every Envision project that he has been a part of has been far beyond exceptional!

It’s a great feeling to know the amount of qualified MBE’s who are right here in our own community. Thank you, Max, for always delivering your best work on every project!