On January 10, 2020, we kicked off the year with a bang! On this day, we on-boarded two of our newest team members for the Envision Atlanta team; Christina Andrade and Stephen Woodard. These two awesome candidates came from an amazing resource located in the state of Georgia called Construction Education of Georgia (CEFGA). 

CEFGA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, created in 1993 as the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia. They were founded by leading construction presidents and CEOs who recognized a need for quality construction skills training in Georgia. Skilled labor was then—and remains now—a primary need of the construction industry.

CEFGA has realized vital talent pipelines by cultivating a long-term workforce with youth through their K-12 Pipeline and CareerExpo, while simultaneously addressing immediate labor shortages with adult Construction Ready participants who are screened, trained, drug-free and ready to work.

This organization has been instrumental in connecting with the people who live within the Georgia community and providing them with the necessary skills and certifications to begin a thriving career in construction. 

It’s because of CEFGA, we were able to not only introduce ourselves to a group of quality potential team members that live within the city, but, most importantly, expand our mission and purpose of impacting people to the Georgia area.