Through the Beck Envision relationship, it is our intention to not only build buildings, but most importantly, to build our community.

One of the ways that we actively do this is through the Beck Envision Mentor-Protege Program (MPP), where we intentionally engage the proteges of the program, even beyond the classroom.

Reginald Clark, owner of what was once known as “Reggie’s Affordable Heating & Cooling” is one of those proteges.

Through actively engaging Reginald one-on-one, our team has been able to discover more about who Reggie is and the desired areas of growth within his business. Through this discovery, the Beck Envision team saw great potential in Reggie’s company and was able to successfully connect him with our MPP marketing resource, Robert McNair of Church Brand Guys, in order to involve him with a full rebrand of Reggie’s company.

Along with this, the Beck Envision team has also had the pleasure of connecting Reggie with Brian Wilkinson of BCH Mechanical, who has had a tremendous amount of impact in Reggie’s business, acting as a mentor to him and showing him even further ways to expand his company.

At Beck Envision, it is our goal to not only extend resources to our proteges to prepare them to conduct business on larger scale construction projects, but in addition to this, it is our plan to play our part in ensuring that every business we touch is a moving part in making our community stronger alongside with us.