Mentorship Protege Program: Class 3 in Session

The Mentorship Protege Program has ended its third class, going over the fundamentals and guidelines of Safety and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. In this class, the material gone over has shown each of the companies what they each needed to work on in order to do business successfully with BECK | Envision on our future projects. 

Each company that has been admitted into the Mentorship Protege Program are qualified companies that were hand-picked by the team at BECK | Envision. Selections were made based on what we noticed in each of the companies; they each had immense potential in them and all they needed was a little guidance. 

Companies included in the Mentorship Protege Program: M&G Janitorial Services, Kerrick Williams Photography, Larry Sams with Sams New Development LLC, Apollo Construction & Engineering Services, All in One Electric, Reggie’s Affordable Heating & Cooling Inc, Optional Solutions LLC, Mckenzie Contracting, LLC, and Offis Spayce.




“We build buildings to build people.”
Fred Perpall, FAIA, Chief Executive Officer of The BECK Group