Amazing things happen when people come together in like-mindedness to accomplish a greater good.

This is precisely what occurred between Beck and Envision marking the beginning of a journey, dynamic in its collaboration and remarkable in its impact. The Beck I Envision team attended the CDC 25th Anniversary Gala—held at the beautiful TPepin’s Hospitality Centre—and it was there the team discovered the positive contributions that the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa, Inc. (CDC of Tampa) has made and pledges to continue to make to our city.

Since 1992, CDC of Tampa has Built more than 80 single family homes, 210 rental units and 52,000 sq.ft. of commercial space, assisted over 3,560 families with housing counseling services–creating 1,042 new homeowners and helped more than 11,000 youth and adults acquire employability skills and vocational training. The CDC focuses on building “people first”. By making available resources and training, they have empowered people with hope and equipped them with the skills for success. They have developed processes for a number of trade education programs to make people employable. They provide courses to increase financial literacy. They also assist with providing housing. This organization speaks to the root of building the community, by building the people first.

The Beck I Envision team readily identifies with the CDC’s mission and approach because it aligns with their very own organization’s culture and philosophy of “People First”. This drew them to the heart of the organization so they met with Chloe Coney, founder of the CDC of Tampa and simply asked how they could add value to what they were already doing. It was then she shared her desire for a complete remodeling of their E. Hillsborough office floors.

Flash forwarding a few months brings us here where the Beck I Envision team meets with Ernest Coney (CEO of the CDC of Tampa) and Frank Cornier (Vice President of Real Estate Development) at the E. Hillsborough office to perform a final walk-through of the newly-renovated 5000 sq ft flooring installation completed by this dynamic team. The Beck I Envision team is humbled by the opportunity to give back in this way. It is a token of their appreciation for what Ms. Coney and the entire CDC organization has done for this city and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. We want to do more; build more, give more and inspire more in the communities in which we work and live.