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"We are in the people business. It just so happens that we also build great buildings"

Founded in 2009, Envision took its start when the father and son duo , Allen Greene Sr. and Allen Greene II , Decided to come together in order to establish a construction company that was bigger than themselves. They Founded the company on the principles of integrity,building people, and relationships. A decade later, the two have created an atmosphere where a “People-first ” mentality has shaped the company’s culture intenally and externally; a culture that can be recognized on every project and throughout our team.

At Envision, we believe it’s important to see construction as more than just bricks and mortar. in fact , To us , it’s about creating an oppurtunity to buildup other and cultivate new skills to help sustain that family’s lagecy and increase their quality of life. We don’t simply rely on our deep construction know-how, instead, we incorporate insights gained from our experience, our collaborative team approach and our parternership to create a better end result.



Caring - Dedication - Agility - Precision

Construction Management

Form its inception. Envision has dedicated to refining our construction and safety Practices , Over the years, we have participated in several projects that include educational facilities, multi family, commercial buildings, restaurants , medical centers, warehouses, commercial flooring , and sustainability , We have help shaped communities statewide including our very own – Tampa, Florida.

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Commercial Flooring

Due to the amount of years within the flooring industry, we understand the most important parts of the flooring process. From the best installation techniques, to the selection of most effective materials that best fits the use of your space. These two processes alone can increase to lifetime of your flooring which has helped our clients save on big on repair cost.

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January 29, 2020 Envision

“Everything reflects leadership…”

-Pastor Greg Powe The late Pastor Greg Powe, the founder of Revealing Truth Ministries Tampa, once said… “Everything reflects leadership”.  When you hear about some of the great things organizations are accomplishing today; whether it’s generating sales with record-high margins, expanding to new territories, developing disruptive innovation or cultivating a culture that produces better people; […]
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“Showing the world, that more can be built… together”

2019, Our most challenging yet defining year ever!

Envision Flooring is on the move!