Who We Are

Starting With Why

At the very root of who we are, you will discover that the life of Jesus Christ is where we have modeled our identity. It is on Him that we are able to build the legacy of our own as well as the future of others impacted by this vision. This video will give you a better understanding of our foundation and our motivation to continually strive for more.

Helping others to

Achieve Success

Our promise to everyone who encounters Envision is that your life becomes better as a result of it.

Allen Greene Sr.

At Envision, we believe our people are our most valuable asset, so we take great strides in investing resources into maximizing our team members abilities through workshops, training seminars, trade certifications and much more. We believe that by adding value to our team members, we are ultimately adding value to our community. This reveals our deeply rooted commitment to give back to the community in which we work.


Construction Management

From its inception, Envision has been dedicated to refining our construction and safety practices. Over the years, we have built buildings in several sectors to include K-12, higher education, aviation, residential & hospitality, healthcare, industrial spaces, and more. We have helped shape communities statewide, with a special emphasis in our very own hometown – Tampa, Florida.

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Due to the amount of years within the flooring industry, we understand the most important parts of the flooring process. From the best installation techniques, to the selection of the most effective materials that best fit the use of your space. These two processes alone can increase the lifetime of your flooring which has helped our clients save big throughout the length of the project and beyond completion.

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Meet Our Partner

BECK I Envision "True Partnership"

Building More Through Our Differences

Beck has a long track record of successfully engaging minority and local firms on their projects. To guarantee minority firms are not at a competitive disadvantage, Beck established their Minority Mentor Protégé Program. Through this program, we established a strong relationship with BECK. We noticed very quickly the symmetry in our teams’ cultures, keen focus on family and abilities to excel in client appreciation. Since then, we have partnered on a number of projects and pursuits. On this journey, we have discovered the genuine benefits of inclusion and true partnership.

What started as a vision, led to a mentorship with The Beck Group, that opened up opportunity after opportunity for Envision. As a result of being the product of this great mentorship, coupled with opportunity, our team is passionate about creating that same opportunity for other small businesses within our community. It is our charge at Envision each day to reach back and pull forward other small and diverse businesses, because we’ve experienced first-hand the true power that mentorship and opportunity holds in building the foundation for a stronger organization.

Our Commitment to Our Community