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Construction Services

Family owned and operated, Envision offers unmatched construction and flooring installation services for clients across the state of Florida. In addition to our skills, we place great emphasis on communication and quality ensuring that our projects flow smoothly and efficiently. That is because our company is built on a reputation of superior customer service and impeccable quality.

Commercial Construction

Envision Development

From its inception, Envision has been dedicated to refining our construction and safety practices. Over the years, we have participated in several projects that include educational facilities, commercial buildings, restaurants, medical centers, warehouses, commercial flooring, and sustainability. We have help shaped communities statewide including our very own—Tampa, Florida.

Commercial Flooring

Envision Flooring

Envision Flooring is the commercial flooring division of Envision. Envision Flooring is a client and referral driven Commerical Flooring Company with over 55 years of experience. Since officially launching in 2009, Envision Flooring has participated in several projects that include commercial buildings, restaurants, schools, medical centers, custom commercial renovations, warehouse facilities and much more.

“Everything reflects leadership…”

-Pastor Greg Powe The late Pastor Greg Powe, the founder of Revealing Truth Ministries Tampa, once said… “Everything reflects leadership”.  When you hear about some of the great things organizations are accomplishing today; whether it’s generating sales with record-high margins, expanding to new territories, developing disruptive innovation or cultivating a culture that produces better people; […]

“Showing the world, that more can be built… together”

On January 10, 2020, we kicked off the year with a bang! On this day, we on-boarded two of our newest team members for the Envision Atlanta team; Christina Andrade and Stephen Woodard. These two awesome candidates came from an amazing resource located in the state of Georgia called Construction Education of Georgia (CEFGA).  CEFGA […]
Envision Atlanta Team

2019, Our most challenging yet defining year ever!

Envision Flooring is on the move!

Meet the new “Evolve Mechanical”