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Beck Envision: Being the spark that ignites the fire

The journey began when Allen Greene II decided to drop out of college and asked his father “can I come and work for you“. At the time Allen Greene senior ran a very successful flooring company where he managed 29 different crews on projects all over the city of Tampa. Allen Greene II wanted to be a part of this.

Allen Greene Sr wanted to test him to see if he even had what it takes to be a part of this industry so he put him on the hardest/worst jobs in flooring; a floater. Through his consistent discipline and hard work, Allen Greene II impressed his father to the point to where his father promoted him from being a floater to running and managing his own crew.


Through the opportunity given to Allen by his father; Allen Greene II started his own flooring company. So at this point, both of the Allen‘s have their own flooring companies and are doing very well. Then all of a sudden, the recession hit and changed everything. It was in that season, they decided to join forces to build something greater. This was the birth of Envision Development Enterprises.


You must have order before increase

Pastor Greg Powe Founder of Revealing Truth Ministries

During this season of their careers, they chased opportunity after opportunity only to gain access resources that, ultimately, would have destroyed them. “The right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing. You must have order before you can rightfully have your increase”. The late Pastor Greg Powe Founder of Revealing Truth Ministries Tampa, Florida. Once Pastor Greg Powe instilled this into the Allens, they immediately ceased all pursuits and began to build a company much larger than themselves.


Allen Greene II: The college dropout makes the decision to study and get his General Contractors License.
Allen Green Sr.: The teacher humbles himself and leaves his family to become the student once again and heads off to New Orleans to shadow for one whole year at the development of the new UMC Hospital in Louisiana.


I will NOT quit, therefore, I will NEVER be defeated

Pastor Greg Powe Founder of Revealing Truth Ministries

The Child
Allen Greene and Ariana Greene, the middle school sweethearts, discover that their desire to expand their family would disable the companies Operations Director with a life threatening pregnancy that caused her to be admitted into the ER as a high-risk pregnancy patient which required her to be on bed rest for just over 30 days.

The Accident
Shortly after the successful birth of their new child, Ariana gets a call, from the same hospital that just released her to be home with her new born daughter, Ava Greene, to tell her that her husband, Allen Greene was just admitted into ICU and is non-responsive.

The Father
During the events of Ariana’s childbirth and Allen’s accident and rehabilitation, Allen Greene Sr. had to be the pillar to keep the family and the company moving.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is all you’ve got.”
Allen Greene Sr.

The Bond
It was during this season, God was able to cultivate a union between the lives connected to the vision of Envision and the core of the founding family, that would mend the hearts of every member as one which was the ignition needed to propel the company to new heights.


Today, Envision stands stronger than ever before and possess a strength that can only be acquired by overcoming life’s greatest obstacles. 2017-2018 has been our companies strongest year. We not only increased our annual revenue by 400%, we have also increased our Envision team members from 27 to 46 and counting.

Envision Office 2009

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