Allen Greene II

Allen Greene II



Allen is the Managing Director for Envision, an MBE-certified construction management firm. 

In 2009, Allen and his father established Envision on the principles of integrity, building people, and relationships. This came just a year following the economic downturn of 2008, when Allen and his father suffered extreme financial hardship, losing all of their contracts, employees, and practically everything they owned. A year later, with a renewed mindset built on faith, the father-son duo set out to build a company bigger than themselves. Over a decade later, the two have created a company where a “it’s bigger than you” philosophy has shaped the company’s culture both internally and externally; a culture that can be recognized on every project and throughout their team. 

Allen is a servant leader committed to making a meaningful impact in his community through construction. He has over 15 years of experience and has developed management prowess in the arena of commercial projects. Over the years, Allen and the Envision team have participated in several projects ranging from educational facilities, corporate office spaces, aviation, healthcare, and more.

Outside of Envision, Allen’s heart beats immensely for his community and the people who live within it. He is a board member for the Salvation Army and Revealing Truth Ministries’ Embracing Legacy. Allen is a Tampa native and a proud father to his two children Ava Greene, and Allen Greene III, and a loving husband to his wife, Ariana Greene.